Meet JP + The Club

Professional | Premium | Personable | Positive

Why Owners Choose JP Dog Club

JP Dog Club is a professional, personable and positive home away from home for your dog, providing premium walking and training services at competitive rates. A cornerstone to JPDC is our support of charities and causes across the globe, which help to improve and save the lives of dogs, through critical donations and awareness, made possible due to our treasured club members.

Here at JP Dog Club, we accept all breeds, sizes and behaviours to join the club through any of our services.

  • We openly welcome our walking service to dogs with behavioural issues, and better yet we are fully qualified to work on any behavioural issues your dog may exhibit during each and every session, coupled with fun and engaging exercise of course! 

  • We of course welcome socialised dogs too! They can enjoy our 'Social Walking' service where they will be matched up with one or two other dogs that match their energy (and will become their new best pals), to fully enjoy their walks and ensure essential ongoing socialisation and basic training exercises.

  • We keep walking groups within the club to a maximum of 3 dogs to ensure each and every dog receives attentive, personable and premium care and enjoyment. 1-2-1 walking is also available at your request, and is perfect for unsocialised dogs (until they can join group walking through our ongoing training with them).

  • When enrolling your dog on JP Dog Club's walking services your dog doesn't just get plenty of exercise, but you will also have a dog behaviourist taking care of them (me, JP!), and on-hand to answer any questions or work on any issues you may have with your dog at any time.

  • Your dog will have both a fun and engaging walk and/or training session, and any behavioural issues they may have will be a thing of the past.

  • Payment is simple, flexible and non-commital. You can choose to be invoiced weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. We understand people may change plans last minute, and therefore you don't need to pay in advance, only after your dog has enjoyed their fun and engaging walks/training.

Who Leads JP Dog Club?

With over 10 years of experience in working with dogs, your loved one will be in the safe and capable hands of JP (Jordan), who treats the members of JP Dog Club with equal endearment, respect and trust; After all, JPDC is your dog's home away from home!

JP has a comprehensive, thorough and natural understanding of dog behaviour through:

  1. Level 4 Advanced Dog Behaviour Diploma - British College of Canine Studies

  2. BSc Zoology - University of Exeter

  3. 4 years of volunteering and working at a dog shelter and boarding kennels where he gained invaluable experience working with hundreds of breeds, characters and temperaments

  4. 10 years of experience caring for his clients dogs

  5. Growing up with family dogs since birth