Charities + Supported Causes

With Thanks To JP Dog Club Members Who Make All This Possible

An integral cornerstone to JP Dog Club is to not only enrich the lives of our club members, but also to support the amazingly invaluable work of charities and causes that aid and save the lives of dogs across the globe. From donating to animal charities nationally and internationally, to raising awareness about crisis emergencies facing dogs in all corners of the globe, JP Dog Club is committed to assisting those doing life-changing work to save human's best friend. JP Dog Club hopes to be able to expand it's reach one day to carry out their own charity work to save more dogs in need.

Here you can discover how JP Dog Club, its members, and your highly appreciated custom has helped. Keep updated with dog humanitarian issues over on the blog and Instagram

In April 2020, JP Dog Club member, Hero (German Spitz Mittel x Japanese Spitz), participated in the TwoPointSix Challenge during one of his daily walks to raise money for StreetVet. StreetVet is an expanding charity offering free accessible vet care to pets belonging to homeless people. Well done Hero!

In Q4 2020, JP Dog Club and it's members raised £132 for Pets as Therapy. PAT enhances the lives of people living with mental and physical health conditions and illnesses, including autism, dementia and stroke, by providing those in need with much-needed animal companionship. Thousands of people of all ages benefit every week from the therapeutic visits provided by PAT.