1-2-1 Training

Profressional & Personable 1-2-1 Training

We understand berhavioural issues occur... perhaps you adopted a shelter dog and need help with training 

1-2-1 Puppy Training

Dogs who require socialisation training will slowly learn how to interact with other dogs and live a happy and balanced life (the training process will be explained upon our first meeting, and progress development will be updated to owners throughout).

1-2-1 Adult Dog Training

Adult dog trainig requires full behavioural assessment to determine the causes and assess the best way in which to alleviate the issue. 

1-2-1 Training Prices

  • Our booking is flexible - owners can arrange for regular walks as part of their dogs routine, or on different days of the week when needed.

  • JP Dog Club's 1-2-1 walking starts from 17 euro per walk (incl. VAT). If you require a different number of days, a shorter walk for an older dog, or simply a one-off walk just let us know - no problem!