JP Dog Foundation

Training to Transform


Starting with London's dogs, the aim of the JP Dog Foundation is to rehabilitate antisocial behaviour* dogs through 1-to-1 walking and training, and to donate 5% of the profits to three UK non-profit animal charities, supported by the JP Dog Foundation.

I am a fully-trained and insured dog trainer and walker. I walk both social and antisocial dogs 1-to-1, and do not charge more for 1-to-1 training for dogs exhibiting unwanted behaviour. Each and every walk your dog walks on with me will directly donate to non-profit animal charities, transforming unwanted behaviour in your own dog as well as the lives of dogs and people across the UK.


Find out more about the charities the JP Dog Foundation and our clients directly support here.

* antisocial behaviour includes unwanted behaviour such as aggression, pulling on the leash, nervousness, avoidance, seperation anxiety and over-excitement.

Why JP Dog Foundation?

Ever since I volunteered at a dog shelter in college, I have always had the inspiration to open a dog rehabilitation centre to train dogs with unwanted behaviours, and also care for and re-home stray dogs. This is why I started JP Dog Foundation and where I want it to expand too.

Through starting with 1-2-1 walking and training, as well as donating to non-profit animal charities, I will aim to offer more services for dog owners to be able to support more charities, and build one of my own. I am very much looking forward to expanding the JP Dog Foundation through out the coming years.

Be sure to check out the JP Dog Foundation blog for posts about dog behaviour, updates on the charities I support, news about the Foundation and more.