6 Delicious Dog Treat Recipes to Make at Home

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Homemade dog treats are excellent for you and your dog because the best thing about them is you know exactly what goes into them, and you can ensure there's no nasty ingredients in them that can actually have a detrimental effect to your dog's behaviour. If your dogs a bit of a fussy eater try a few different recipes and you will be sure to find the one they love! They are perfect for special occasions, to use as high value treats when training your dog, or just to spoil them for being the goodest girl/boy.

DISCLAIMER: These recipes and images all belong to the source mentioned and were in no way created by JP Dog Club.

1. Pumpkin Ginger Dog Biscuits

Recipe: Taste of Home

These perfect bite-sized homemade doggy biscuits are the perfect autumn treat, and two flavours your fussy eater might adore.

2. Peanut Butter Bacon Dog Doughnuts

Recipe: Sunny Day Family

Peanut Butter AND Bacon?! These amazing doughnuts are sure to go down a treat with your dog, and would be a fab idea for a birthday. Better yet, they're super easy to make!

3. Apple Crunch Pupcakes

Recipe: Miss Candiquik

All you need for these amazingly simple pupcakes is a mixing bowl, cupcake tin (doughnut tin if you want to turn them into doughnuts), and 50 minutes of your time.

4. Watermelon Carrot Pupsicles

Recipe: Peel with Zeal

These pupsicles are perfect to cool your dog down on a hot summer's day. You literally only need two ingredients - watermelon and carrot! Avoid letting your dog at human popsicles because not only can they contain dangerous amounts of sugar, but even "sugar-free" popsicles also commonly contain the dangerous additive xylitol, a sugar alcohol that's toxic to dogs.

5. Breath Freshening Treats

Recipe: Health Starts in the Kitchen

These innovative, all natural, breath freshening treats are packed with parsley, mint, and the super ingredient - activated charcoal! They're guaranteed to prevent your pup's bad breath, but don't forget to clean your dog's teeth properly, or book them in for a teeth cleaning at your vets.

6. Carrot Cake Treats

Recipe: Belly Full

A doggy twist on an iconic cake! These treats are packed with essential nutrients for your dog that are extremely beneficial to their overall health.