Charity Provides Elderly with Dog Companionship Virtually

Wag and Company, a charity in the North East of England, works to end loneliness for older dog lovers by befriending them with dogs in care homes or hospitals. For those feeling isolated throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Wags and Company decided to to provide virtual visits from their dogs.

Source: WAG

Chair of WAG, Diane Morton, said "Everyone has risen to the challenge of virtual befriending... just trying to make sure that everyone knows we're thinking about them, they're not forgotten and we'll be back with them just as soon as we can."

Diane added: "Christmas is massively important. It can be such an emotional time, full of memories, some good, some painful. Many people can do with a distraction, particularly if they spend a great deal of time alone."

Source: WAG

Wag and Company have so far benefitted 3,277 people with an amazing 74,970 physical or virtual visits from their dog companions.

The charity was awarded the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service 2020 for its community work "ending loneliness for older dog lovers". Fantastic work!