Social Walking

Providing a Premium Walking Service

JP Dog Club's social walking service is perfect for socialised dogs who are in need of fun, engaging exercise and mental stimulation, with a tight-knit group of maximum 3 dogs of similar energy, character and temperament. Your dog will be taken care of by a qualified dog behaviourst (me, JP!) who is fully insured and has over 10 years of experience in working with dogs. Therefore your loved one will not only be enjoying a glorious walk but you will have JP who will ensure on going essential mental stimulation and basic obedience training. JP will also be on-hand as a source of knowledge about dog behaviour to answer any questions or deal with any issues that may arise in yours and your dog's life. We are all about providing a premium service to all of our cherished club members.

What Walks Will My Dog Enjoy?

After meeting you and your dog at our free in-person consultations, your dog will be expertly matched with one of the JP Dog Club groups and your dog will meet their new best pals and become a cherished member of the club. JP Dog Club members are taken on well thought-out routes that will maximise their opportunity to explore, learn and socialise in fun and exciting areas on each and every walk.

1. Your dog will be collected from your house by foot or air-conditioned car (no cages!) between 8am-9am for a morning walk, and 3pm-4pm for an afternoon walk (if you require a different time just let us know). Please note: you can choose morning, afternoon or both.

2. They will then be taken to a dog-friendly park, forest or beach (in the autumn/winter months) for them to enjoy and live their best life. We will play games, they will be able to socialise and play with other dogs, and fully explore mother nature activating all of their senses. All dogs will be able to explore and run off-leash once in a safe area if their recall is good (and okay'ed by you). We also have 15m long leads for dogs that need recall training. 

3. After a good 1 hour/1 hour 30 mins, they will be dropped off back at their home, ready for a snooze and to do it all over again!

Daily Exercise+ Mental Stimulation is Essential

Social Walk Prices

When a dog doesn't receive enough exercise, coupled with mental stimulation, they quickly become bored and under stimulated, which gives rise to a vast array of behavioural issues, from barking at strangers walking past your window, to destructiveness. Even dogs that have been fully trained need ongoing basic training and socialisation to prevent behavioural issues from developing. This is why it is essential to provide your dog with enough exercise + mental stimulation for their breed, size and age (usually minimum 1 hour). We understand this isn't always possible so JP Dog Club is here to provide expertise in dog behaviour and provide your dog with a fun and engaging walk, surrounded by like-minded dogs and new pals. 


When your dog joins JP Dog Club they will be provided with:

  • Exercise & Fitness - we'll take them for an action-packed long (1 hour minimum) walk so they can burn pent up energy daily and increase their fitness levels, which will reduce the likelihood of physical and medical problems and, coupled with our basic obedience training, will prevent any potential behavioural issues from occuring. 

  • Mental Stimulation - every dog has certain needs that need to be met, depending on their inherited instinctual behaviours. If these needs are not met a dog will become bored, destructive, hyperactive, and in some cases aggressive. Therefore each dog will be provided with essential mental stimulation through games and exploring new and exciting locations and companions - an essential way in which dogs learn.

  • Ongoing Socialisation - a dog's continued socialisation throughout adulthood is essential for them to constantly learn how to interact with one another, and to prevent the development of fears and phobias. Every time your dog is with JP Dog Club they will be able to engage and socialise with their fellow club pals, as well as other dogs they meet at the parks, beach or forests.

  • Routine & Endless Fun - they'll be picked up at the same time every day, so they know when their walk is coming and won't be naughty during the day. After all the exciting stimulation they get during each and every walk, they'll be ready for a snooze when they are dropped off back at their home. 

  • Our booking is flexible - owners can arrange for regular walks as part of their dogs routine, or on different days of the week when needed.

  • JP Dog Club's standard 5-day a week package starts from €15 per walk (incl. VAT). If you require a different number of days, or simply a one-off walk just let us know - no problem!